Professionally Managed

Galleon Managed Futures Accounts are operated on your behalf by professional Commodity Trading Advisers (CTA). The fund may take both long and short positions in futures contracts and options on futures contracts in the global commodity, interest rate, equity, and currency markets.


Galleon Commodities
Galleon Futures Trading Strategies

Trading strategies

Your CTA will employ one or more investment and trading strategies in order to help achieve our goals. Our strategies can focus on variations in trends, and may include duration of trend captured (short term, medium term, long term), as well as money management/risk management techniques. Other strategies employed by Galleon CTA's include managed include discretionary strategies, fundamental strategies, option writing, pattern recognition, and arbitrage strategies, among others.


Whether you are new to futures, or an experienced trader, our Managed Futures account takes the guess work out of product selection, timing, and analysis. All accounts are managed professionally.


When appropriate, your Commodities Trading Adviser (CTA) may include options on commodity products, including oil, gold, coffee, natural gas, wheat cotton, sugar, silver, copper, and other products.


Products such as Interest Rate Swaps, Cross-Currency Swaps, and Commodity Swaps might be right for you. Your Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) will manage your account and keep you informed of current trends.

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