About Us
Our Approach
Galleon Futures makes it easy to include a managed futures account into your lifestyle. Your account is continually managed by a team of professional money managers and Commodity Future Advisers (CTA). Together, they establish your tolerance for risk, learn about your financial goals and objectives, and ensure that the investments made in your portfolio are suitable for you.

Our History
Galleon Futures was created by investment industry veterans who started trading and investing on behalf of their clients in the early 1990s. Our expertise, combined with our passion for the futures and commodity markets, gives us a unique perspective on the global economy, the financial markets, and the external factors that affect the prices of commodities. By applying specific strategies, technical and fundamental analysis, and prudent decision-making, we utilize this information to manage your futures account. We strive to provide superior results, and to give you an alternative way of investing in the global markets that goes well beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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Interested in a managed futures account? Our services can help you diversify your investment portfolio.

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