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Until fairly recently, managed futures accounts were available only to institutions and wealthy individuals who were qualified to invest in hedge funds or separately managed accounts.

Today, managed futures accounts may have a role in your life as part of a diversified portfolio. Smart investors know that when other types of assets under perform, the correlation between commodities and the equity markets make managed futures a viable option. Historically, when stocks finally end their multiyear rally, futures and commodities tend to do better.

While managed futures may not be appropriate for all investors, current advancements in technology, trading strategies, and regulatory policy allow for more individuals to participate in these types of strategies.

Managed Futures clients are smart, savvy, and understand that diversification of their liquid assets is important in order to achieve long-term investment success.

They come from all walks of life, have diverse backgrounds, different levels of education, and hold different types of occupations. Nevertheless, they all share the goal of building their assets through the use of professional services, and they recognize that in this age, the overwhelming amount of information available at any given time within financial and commodity markets is so extensive and time consuming, that they require professional help.

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